This Blog will host full length feature Spiritual and Biblical Movies;  Animated Films; Flash Movies; Slide Presentations; Inspirational Songs, and Music Videos for your Spiritual Edification and Entertainment.


 – Viewers Beware –

Please beware I have noted some of my submissions now have added Movies, Books etc., Appended to my  selections. Please be careful. I can only be responsible for the selections I place on the Site so I would suggest to only view the items I submit. Anything else will be at risk and I don’t have control over anything YouTube attaches to my selections. The other YouTube selections show up as additions to the initial Video after it has completed.  

So far I have only seen one thing that gave me cause to pause but after listening to the Blog/Channel I would not consider him a resource that I would use as a referral. Ordinarily I would not comment on someone’s work but this was attached to my submission without my permission. A lot of the things he discusses sound ok but, Are they True? He uses the Bible a lot but he also uses Esoteric and Other Worldly information that has Sensory Attributes rather than in-depth information and he appears to rely on the Research of others because he does not have enough information in certain areas.

He also uses foul Language and Profanity. I find people who can not control their tongues and see no reason to are lacking in areas of GODLY Spiritual  Knowledge and Study for Knowledge’s sake alone which is very Superficial and very Dangerous.  

With all of the Numerology, Kabbala, Geometry, etc., he uses, he does not know, understand or is indifferent to the imbalance of Negative Energy evoked through Language and the Imbalance in Frequency and Harmonics. 

I endeavor to select movies or audiobooks that are as close as possible to the actual Scriptures instead of Transliterations and Interpretations.  However, directors, producers, editors and others who have the final word, to what is left on the cutting floor of the editing room and what goes on to the movie screen, or into the video which sometimes abuse artistic license. 

Artistic license was created to give the artist the ability to display their artistic interpretation in their form of media expression such as converting written dialogue to audio and visual presentation.

Much is altered by additions, or omissions for the sake of “dramatic effects” including the alteration of reality of the story or Scriptures even at the cost of the actual truth becoming obstructed.  I will attempt to make comments whenever these types of flaws occur. 

The type of flaws which often occur are changes in the story line; names and characters; discrepancy in ages or other human characteristics and or their lines in the script (Scriptures) or change of locations to accommodate film shooting; budgets; resources; personal perspectives, and societal opinions.  Typically, when people read a book and then see the movie they comment that “the book was better” usually because the author can relegate to his chosen media what messages he wants to convey except when editors and publishers can be properly managed instead of them managing the Author’s work. 

I have not mentioned the name of this individual because I don’t know how his or anyone’s video was attached to my video page but I’m reasonably sure its probably through YouTube advertising, outreach or etc., however I will be monitoring a bit closer.

The Mediums I will submit will be rated with a short commentary as my T.H.E. Time, Health, Energy Resources will allow.  A few videos have been removed. I will see if I can find new links or some other video. Please use your own discretion when viewing.

I will begin by placing the Bible Scripture location on each movie marque so interested parties may view the Scriptures for themselves before, during or after the movie.  A link for an online Bible will also be included in the future.